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Giana Sisters hits Japan!

We are soooo happy to announce that Giana Sisters will be available in the japanese PlayStation Network on October 31st!

This is a huge step for us so let’s celebrate and stomp some owls!

Awesome new RotO Wallpaper!


Liveshow on thursday!

Hey friends,
make a red mark in your calender on thursday because we are doing a live show again!
This time we have for you a preview of ‘Rise of the Owlverlord’, some news regarding our other projects and Schmitty and Sarah answering your questions.

So if you have any questions you want us to answer please write them in our forum because it is much easier for us to collect them this way.

Just follow the link:

Of course you can also ask us during the live stream in the chat if something comes to your mind spontaneously. on thursday the 19th september, 7pm CET, see you there! ;-)

Best regards.
-The BFG Team

Pre-order “Giana Sisters:Twisted Dreams – Rise of the Owlverlord” now!

Rise of the Owlverlord can be pre-ordered now for 20% off on Steam!

Just follow the link:

Wallpaper 16-9



Mysterious Cities of Gold Kickstarter

As we come from Kickstarter ourselfs and had great support, we always look to see if there is any projects we find fun.

Lately we here at BFG have been following a new project by the name of Mysterious Cities of Gold wich you can find here.

Mysterious Cities of Gold Kickstarter

We see this project as one worthy of backing and therefore would love to see more people supporting and helping this project.

Giana sisters:Twisted Dreams WiiU released in North America/Canada/Mexico and Brazil

We at BFG is happy to annouce that you can now buy Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams for WiiU in the Nintendo Eshop in North America/Canada/Mexico and Brazil!

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams WiiU release in North America!

We’re happy to announce that Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams will be released on WiiU NA on September 5th!


GSTD Flyer

Giana on the WiiU!

Great news for you Giana fans out there! Giana Sister: Twisted Dreams WiiU version is downloadable in the Nintendo E-Shop!

You can check it out right here:

Rise of the Owlverlord

We’ve got some great news for you regarding the much anticipated additional content! An official release date is on its way, but until then we’ve got this little teaser to hold you over, plus some screenshots down below!


This additional adventure is free for all you backers out there who pledged 25$ or more for Giana, but we’ve also included it in a reward pack for Project Ravensdale. Every backer who pledged $15 or more to Project Ravensdale will get the new adventure in Giana Sisters:Twisted Dreams “Rise of the Owlverlord” for free. Plus, you will get EARLY ACCESS to the new adventure, so you can try it out ahead of time!



Sweet Dreams and Casual Connect

A new update for Giana has been released on Steam for a more casual, yet still twisted experience! We call it “Sweet Dreams mode” and hope that many of you more casual players will be able to enjoy Giana from beginning to end. A DRM-free patch will be released in a few weeks, for now it is only a steam update.


This past week we had a booth at Casual Connect as part of the Indie Prize Showcase, where we won best audio! Our team member Mary held down the fort the whole convention and gave us a few snapshots of how the convention went.



IMG_6578 IMG_6580





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