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If your OS is Windows XP, you’ll need the following patch! Simply run it after installing the preview levels.

The patch fixes several compatibility issues – if the game crashes for you, try patching even if you aren’t running WinXP.


Grab the demo here:

Project-Giana Demo (

Project-Giana Demo (

Project-Giana Demo (

Project-Giana Demo (

Project-Giana Demo (

Project-Giana Demo (

Project-Giana Demo (

Project-Giana Demo (Amazon Cloud)


You can also use the download links below to save us hosting costs:





MD5: EDF55BA79291B8FD3BEB30465C26ADF4


Gameplay tips



  • The basic version of the installer only works on Vista or Win7. Please download and install the patch above if you’re using Windows XP.


  • This isn’t a demo for a finished game – it’s a preview for our Kickstarter project, which is still in developement.


  • The preview levels are pre-beta and haven’t been tested for compatibility yet. You might experience technical difficulties. If you do, please leave a post in the bug report section of our forum.


  • DX9 support is still shaky. If you can, we recommend running the game on DX10 or DX11.


  • Performance hasn’t been fully optimized yet. You may experience some slowdown on some machines.


  • The music is still a work in progress. Especially the transitions will have been improved significantly in the final version.


Known issues:

Installation & Launcher Issues:

  • It can happen that the installer takes quite a while to finish the installation. Normally this happens during the DirectX Installation. We didn’t experience a case where it totally crashed – it just took quite a while (e.g., on a pretty old machine under Vista it took almost 30 mins).


  • If you use the “Send” Button after finishing the game to help us with your playthrough data, and then close the launcher, it might take a few seconds before you can start the launcher again (that’s the time in which the launcher is actually still running and sending us the data). If it still doesn’t work after several seconds, it might be that you’ll have to end the process manually with your task manager.


DirectX 9 Issues:

  • If you are using DirectX9, you’ll have to make sure that the game settings for your screen resolution and ratio match the actual resolution of your monitor. Otherwise you’ll get an error message for your configuration on startup.


  • If you are using a second screen, the game may launch on that.


Haunted Swamp Issues:

  • It’s possible to cause moving platforms at the end of the level to be out of sync. This shouldn’t affect your playthrough.


  • There is one point in the level where you can jump into a tree and get stuck. However, you can simply jump out of it again (just jump, don’t dash).


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