Monster Compendium. Complete!

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Monster Compendium. Complete!

Postby BFG Dietrich » Thu Sep 27, 2012 2:51 pm


Today we present the last set of really nasty foes and monsters. Then it is up to you to fight them and help Giana on her rescue-mission. We hope you enjoy our now complete Monster Compendium. Complete??? Oh, yes, you are right. What about the bosses? Hehe, we are not going to spoil them. Have fun meeting these bad guys yourself!


It can be considered as an enemy. But it’s basically the jumping or rotating fireball from Super Mario. It’s a moving obstacle following a path. However, the path can be more complex than just a straight line or a circle. It’s also possible to encounter variations which are using the same behavior as the advanced moving platforms: it moves in one direction in one world, then if the player swaps, the other version (the skull) moves into the other direction.
Only the version using the advanced moving platform behavior uses the swap. The mask moves in one direction and the skull in the other one.


The Spikeybox doesn’t move. It reacts on contact like a mine. If Giana collides with the box, spikes appear on its sides and on its top. Giana takes a hit.
The Spikeybox can’t be harmed. The eyeball is like a Blue Demon. The only difference is that it’s invincible. It can be taken down for a few seconds with a head jump, then the eyeball gets back on its tentacles.
When the eyeball is temporarily defeated, it falls upside-down.
The box is used as a movable jumper. The player has to defeat the eyeball in order to move it upside down, then swap so the spikeybox is also upside down.
When Giana jumps onto the “belly” of the spikeybox which has no spike, she’s propelled in the air just like with a jumper.

Cute Totem/Dark Totem

It can be considered as an enemy. But it’s basically a static and invincible projectile thrower. There are several variations with different shooting patterns.


It works a bit like the Green Owl but underwater. It simply follows a path.
However, it can’t be defeated because Giana loses her abilities underwater and it’s not possible to perform a head jump.
One moves into one direction, the other one into the other direction. The player has to swap constantly to make his/her way through these enemies. But the global behavior is the same.

Cute Ghost/Dark Ghost

The Cute Ghost is only active in the Cute World but can be visible into the Dark World. The ghost follows Giana if she’s too close. It works like the Boo in Super Mario. The ghost can’t be defeated by head jump or dash. Giana has to lure him into special beams of light. If the ghost collides with a beam, it burns and disappears.
The swap allows to activate or deactivate ghosts. So the player has to constantly swap from one world to the other in order to make his/her way through all the ghosts.

Knight/Skeleton Owl

The Knight is guarding. When Giana is close enough, he wakes up and starts to run toward her trying to hit Giana with his halberd. If the knight collides with anything or falls, it explodes into pieces. Then, after a few seconds, his pieces are reassembling themselves and the knight is back.
This enemy is invincible but can be temporarily defeated by a head jump or a dash.
The Skeleton owl shares the invincibility/explodes into pieces and reassembles itself after a few seconds with the knight. However, the Skeleton Owl is a static shooter. Its projectiles are thrown with an angle and they bounce against walls. It’s more dangerous than the Rabbit/Frog.
In order to move the Skeleton Owl, swap to transform it into a knight. Make the knight fall into a trap and then swap back to the owl.


The turtle is a pacifist and doesn’t attack. She can be used as a platform. The turtle can’t be defeated but Punk Giana can still dash onto it in order to propel herself higher.
The piranha is quite the opposite. It jumps out of the water regularly when Giana is close. It can’t be defeated and if Giana collides with it, she takes a hit.
The player can swap when the piranha is out of the water in order to use the turtle which is still in the air to dash upward and reach very high places.

Shooting Rabbit/Shooting Frog

When Giana is close enough, the rabbit starts to shoot projectiles straight forward. It doesn’t move and can be defeated by a head jump or a dash.
The only difference between the two is the height of the projectile. They have a different offset.

Spiked Helmet version for Purple Owls/Demons

Their spiked helmets or armors are protecting them from any attack. If Giana collides with one of them, she takes a hit.

Green Owl/Green Demon

This is a flying version of the pair. It follows a given path. As for the Red and Blue owls/demons, it can be defeated by a head jump or a dash.

Red Owl/Red Demon

It’s the goomba from Super Mario: it moves forward, falls into pits and when it encounters an obstacle it moves into the opposite direction.
To defeat this enemy Giana can jump onto its head or dash it.

Blue Owl/Blue Demon

This one is a bit less stupid than the Red version because it can’t fall into pits, instead it moves into the opposite direction. That’s the only difference.
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